The Cabinet Joint

Up to 55% Off!

Great site to navigate and a clean looking website. They offer a premium, all American made CUSTOM RTA cabinet, not a pull from stock one. There really is no competition for this in the market as 95% of the other RTA companies are purveying imported, stocked cabinets. Shipping is included on all prices listed.The Cabinet Joint

Selection – Over 100 door designs and over 2000 finish combinations, including 16 wood species, beaded inset cabinets and more. This is really what sets them apart from the ‘what you see is what you get’ RTA companies. They even offer unfinished for about a 20-30% discount.

Price of 10×10 kitchen – The site does have a pricing page where you can see the price of a 12 x 12 kitchen (more ‘real world’ size) in a myriad of different finishes and styles.

Shipping – Shipping is included

Contact – Chat or phone