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Ikea has a great selection of modern to traditional looking RTA cabinets. Their cabinets rate as one of the best in Consumer Reports. They offer plenty of services to go along with your purchase. You can have them assembly, ship, shop and even install your cabinets. Assembly can be an issue since all of their instructions are text free.Ikea

Online – Great online design tool

Selection – Plenty of options that are always changing, and real unique cabinets and pullouts that make the best use of space

Price of 10×10 kitchen – Not listed, but individual cabinet prices are listed, cabinets are priced very good for a strong and attractive cabinet

Shipping – The offer ship to your house for a low flat fee no matter what size order you have or you can pick up from one of their many stores

Contact – In store help and online planning

Promotions – None that we can see