Up to 55% Off!

RTA cabinets, "Ready-To-Assemble cabinets" are a great way for you to save money during your next kitchen renovation.

RTA cabinets are a great way for you to create a dream designer kitchen without the full designer cost. With the advent of the internet, there is now endless websites to buy RTA cabinets. Each offer a full selection of door styles and finishes. Many RTA manufactures have quick attach fasteners that make the assembly of RTA cabinets quick and easy.

Most RTA companies will ship right to your door, and best of all most offer free shipping when you order a minimum amount of cabinets. The flat packaging that the cabinets come in provide a convenient way to get your cabinets right to your door.

Please take a look at our recommended RTA company directory listed, and if you would like for your RTA website to be listed here, please send us an email.